POLA Gorgeous Fresh Floral Scent Body Wash 500ml (limited Edition) POLA 新款保湿滋润花语氛沐浴露500ml (桂花香限量版)

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Gorgeous fresh floral scent

This Product leaves the body feeling satin-smooth to the touch. Permeable Collagen and Honeysuckle Extract are formulated as skin conditioning agent.


Dispense 1-2 pumps to the moistened sponge or towel with warm water and whip it until foamy. Rinse off thoroughly after use.

Country Of Origins: Japan

POLA 新款保湿滋润花语氛沐浴露



桂花小而艳丽也被称为金花,其特点是清香柔和。 POLA 利用独特的技术,从原料中提取了珍贵的桂花精油,保留了其精致的香味。