uPang+ 3D UV Sterilizer (Beige) uPang+ 3D/360度紫外线 奶瓶消毒器 (米色)

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Product Details 产品详细介绍

Product details of Upang+: UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer 

Upang World 1st & Korea No.1 Top Selling UV Sterilizer. Trusted globally, with proven quality track record since 2008. The only Korea brand that passed Europe S Mark Certification for Baby Bottle Sterilization ( instead of Kitchenware Sterilization ). This certifies and confirms the high efficiency of Upang UV Sterilizer for bottles. FDA Registed as Medical Device.

Upang utilizes Philips UV Purification Lap Technology to effectively eliminate 99.999% of germs and bacteria. Most hospitals use UV Lamp to sterilize bottles, soothers, tools, etc.


Features :

  • Dual rotating UV Sterilization lamps.

  • Dot Matrix LED Display for time remaining.

  • Auto start available from exterior door.

  • Storage Mode activated at the end of each cycle – 2 minutes sterilization every 3 hours

  • Registered medical device product in US FDA (Medical Device No:3007914006)

  • 99% sterilization effect for influenza virus

  • 99% internal sterilization effect for dummy and baby bottle

  • Eco-friendly product by means of low temperature drying process via infrared ray below 40 degrees

  • 3 control buttons inside door – automatic / sterilization / ventilation

  • Button Auto : For drying and sterilizing objects - Infrared low temperature drying at a controlled 40 degree celsius with two UV Lamps used for sterilization. This button is used for products that need to be dried and sterilised such as baby bottles, dishes, cups, etc.

  • Button UV Sterilization : Ultraviolet lamp effectively kills up to 99.999% of germs for 10 - 12 minutes. This function can be used for sterilization of dry items such as mobile phones, toys, teething tots, remotes, etc.

  • Button Ventilation : A natural ventilation system that removes odour and bacteria.

  • 360 degrees of effective reflection of UV light penetration - 5 sided high quality super mirror 304 stainless steel with 1 sided UV high reflective glass panel. No plastic surface on its inside walls including the panel on the back of the door. This ensures 360 degree effective reflection.

Size : 47 × 38 × 54 cm

Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty(Not include light bulb)

Packing : 1 unit / Box

Includes : 1x 30W Infra-red light, 2x 4W UV-C light, 2x stainless steel trays

Made in Korea

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