Japan Genki Wound Disinfectant 75ml 日本无比 伤口消毒液 75ml (宝宝皮肤创伤杀菌消毒水)

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Product Details 产品详细介绍

Brand name 75 ml of wound liquid of ムヒ
Inner capacity75 ml
Product explanation"75 ml of wound liquid of ムヒ" is the sterilization antiseptic solution which does not soak for the child. There is it in the prescription that a body does not have the harm by any chance even if I lick it and am drunk by mistake. Allantoin combination to hasten benzethonium chloride with the sterilizing property and the getting well of the wound. Please use it for a scratch, a drill wound, a scratch, a shoe sore. It is the medicine which I want to have always ready in the family having the child.
Effect, effectI point to the wound, and a scratch sterilizes a wound, a scratch, a shoe sore, the sterilization of the wound side
Use, doseYou dip it into a mist or gauze, the cotton, and please apply it to an affected part several times a day.
(attention in conjunction with a use, the dose)
・Letting you use it with the instruction supervision of the protector when you let an infant use it.
・Be careful not to get into eyes. Wash it with water or tepid water immediately by any chance when it gets into eyes. In addition, receive the medical treatment of the ophthalmologist when a symptom is severe.
・You use it only for the outside, and do not take medicine.
Ingredient, quantityIn 75 ml
75 mg of benzethonium chloride
150 mg of allantoin
I contain sulfite Na, edetic acid Na, citric acid, citric acid Na, nicotinic acid amide as an additive.
1.The next person talk with a doctor or a pharmacist before use
(1)The person who is treated by the doctor.
(2)The person or a family is a person of the allergic predisposition.
(3)The person who has had an allergic symptom by medicine.
(4)An affected part is the person of the wide area.
(5)The person with deep wound and severe burn.
2.In the case of next, you cancel use promptly, and talk with a doctor or a pharmacist with this container
(1)After use, when skin shows the next symptom. Rash, flare, itch
(2)When a symptom does not improve even if I use it for 5-6 days.
Storage and pharmaceutical precautions(1)Keep it out of reach of infants.
(2)Keep it tightly in the shaded cool place.
(3)Do not replace it in other containers. (it causes the misuse, and quality changes.)
(4)Do not use the product that it was past an expiration date (I list a year and the moon in a base in the Christian era).
DivisionPharmaceutical products [the third kind pharmaceutical products]
Risk divisionThe third kind pharmaceutical products
Expiration dateMore than time of shipment 100 days
The items mentioned about the pharmaceutical products sale
Production countryJapan
JAN cord4987426000929