Edison Right-Hand Chopsticks with case (Micky) (2yr) Edison 右手-宝宝学习筷帶盒 (米奇) (2岁)

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Product Details 产品详细介绍

  Japan Edison Right Hand Chopsticks With Case (Micky)

    Easy learning chopsticks connected & with 3 rings for beginners, especially for childeren users

 1. Chopsticks which make your kids smart! Elaborate movement and control of fine motors help your kids develop their brain activities. Hands are the second brain! 

2.Chopsticks, easy to learn and fun to use! It is very much easy and interesting to use for beginners of all ages. Genius & cute design works amazingly well for users. 

3.High-quality, non-toxic material, well-made & stylish design for every user! Safety, Sanitization and Environment always matter. They use premium ABS plastic as material and test their products by periods.

日本Edison 右手宝宝学习筷帶盒 (米奇)



练习筷子的正確拿法, 有助於將來寫字,提高創意立跟集中力,提高小朋友智商(IQ)、情緒智商(EQ)

【产品名称】 日本EDISON爱迪生儿童宝宝学习筷/训练筷子/迪士尼