Parklon XPE Silky Baby Mat 2000 x 1500mm Thickness: 10mm (Wooden Pony) 韩国Parklon XPE宝宝爬行垫 2000 x 1500mm 厚度:10mm (小木马)

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Product Details 产品详细介绍

Made from PE (polyethylene) and Silky Fabric, this new SILKY PRIME PE Roll Mat is a brand new product from Parklon.

The fabric feel surface is comfortable to sit and lie on and the top coating makes it easy to clean and maintain.

It has a 10mm thickness  and is light weight and waterproof.

This Parklon Silky Prime PE Roll Mat is a popular cost effective alternative to the PVC playmat.

Size: 2000 x 1500mm (±3%)

Thickness: 10mm

Material: PE (Polyethylene) + Silky Fabric - Non Toxic

Weight: ~3kg