'Merries' (Nappies) Size:M 64pcs (6-11kg) 花王 (尿片) M 64片 (6-11公斤)

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* 日本最优质的婴儿用品
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Product Details 产品详细介绍

*  Soft around the waist, Comfortable around the thighs

The diaper is never too tight at the waist or thighs, so your baby can enjoy the freedom to move around comfortably. No red marks or abrasions!

*  Gathers to fit snugly

The gathers hold the diaper in place at the waist so it does not slip, no matter how active your baby is!

*  Flexi-fit “W” Shape

Merries is so soft, it transforms into a flexible “w” shape at the crotch area to accommodate your baby’s limb movements.

*  Every Part of the Diaper Releases Heat and Moisture!

The design allows air to flow freely between the diaper and the skin, so your baby can enjoy maximum dryness and comfort 24 hours a day!

*  Superb Absorbency

Merries’ unique super absorbent core has a slit in the middle that instantly draws in and locks away pee, keeping the bottom dry while preventing leakage.

*  Better Fit at the Crotch Area

Three small diagonal cuts are made to the exterior diaper surface in the crotch area to improve the diaper fit at the crotch. Leakage will not occur as a result of these cuts. *(These cuts do not affect the quality of the diaper).

*  Colour-changing Wetness Indicators

When the strips change colour to dark green, it is time to change the diaper.※Please note that the colour may change from shades of yellow to green on the strips of unused diapers under hot and humid conditions. However, this does not affect the quality of the diaper.

*  Cute and Colourful Designs – You’ll feel happy about using the diaper during outings, too!







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